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Water Quality Management Agency, Construction of Sewage Water Supply Facility, Permission to be Approved

Water quality agency

Taelim E N T Co., Ltd is based on accumulated engineering Currently,
the company operates water quality management agents at various private sewage treatment facilities
and wastewater treatment plants in the publi.
In addition, the company analyzes field meetings and water collection test data to derive and apply optimized chemical
and driving factors to the sites.

Sewage sector (private, public)

The wastewater sector

  • Request for service
  • Site visit, feasibility check

    ※ Field sampling test (requires at least a week in duration)

  • Facilities/chemical/operations/management
  • Present best practices and submit estimates
  • Owner review and consultation
  • Management contract and enforcement

Legal basis (sewage field)

  • Article 67 [Appendix 16] of the Enforcement Decree of the Water Supply Act, Article 37
  • Management of Personal Sewage Treatment Facilities

    ※ The basis of proposed legislation may vary according to future improvement legislation.

Criteria for qualification of environmental engineers

Criteria for qualification of environmental engineers
Sortation Requirements
The management of private sewage treatment facilities Any of the following
  • A.Person who is qualified as a chemical engineer, water quality environment engineer, or waste disposal engineer or more
  • B.person who has worked in a field of environmental function or chemical analysis for more than two years
  • C.A graduate of a college of science and engineering
    (including those whose educational background is recognized to be above this level according to law)
    who have worked in the field for more than one year
  • D.A high school graduate who has worked in a field for more than 3 years
  • E.Don't. Has more than 3 years of practice in the field
    (Only if he becomes the technical manager of a private sewage treatment facility with a capacity of less than 1,000 ㎥ days).


  • 1.If one building has more than one wastewater treatment facility, the total capacity includes not less than 50 cubic meters)
  • 2.Septic tank with over 1,000 people handled (If two or more water-purifier tanks are installed in one building, the total number of people to be treated includes more than 1,000)
  • 3.(1), there may not be a technical manager in the private sewage treatment facility in the area where the sewage is infiltrated into the public sewage treatment facility or the public wastewater treatment facility in accordance with Article 48 of the 「Water Environment Preservation Act」.

Legal basis (wastewater sector)

  • Article 59, Clause 2 [Appendix 17], Enforcement Decree of the Water Environment Conservation Act, Paragraph 2, Section 44
  • Management of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    ※ The basis of proposed legislation may vary according to future improvement legislation.

Criteria for qualification of environmental engineers

Criteria for qualification of environmental engineers
Type classification Requirements Remarks
Type 1 More than 200 ㎥/day One or more water quality engineers  
Type 2 700 to 2,000 ㎥/days One or more Water Quality and Environmental Industry Engineers  
Type 3 200 to 700 ㎥/days One or more persons who have been directly engaged in environmental affairs in the water quality field for more than three years or more  
Type 4 50 to 200 ㎥/days At least one of the employees involved in the work of the discharge facility installation permit, caller, or discharge facility and prevention facility
  • 3 types of technicians including certain hazardous substances
    (10 ㎥ / daily excess discharge)
  • Type 3 technician in joint prevention facility
Type 5 Business establishment with type 1 to 4


  • 1.The 4 and 5 types of workplaces that emit water pollutants containing specific water quality harmful substances should have an environmental engineer who corresponds to 3type of workplace. However, this shall not apply in the case of a workplace less than 10㎥ / day.
  • 2.In the case of joint prevention facilities, if the amount of wastewater discharged falls into the 4th or 5th type, an environmental engineer corresponding to the 3 type workplace should be established.
  • 3.The 1 and 2 type work place that we process wastewater into the public wastewater treatment facility according to the law Article 48 environmental technology person corresponding to the 3 type business place. The 3 type of business may be an environmental technology person corresponding to the 4,5th type of business.
  • 4.Establishments that are allowed to be disposed of at workplaces that are exempted from installation of preventive facilities and joint prevention facilities for water pollutants that are discharged may have environmental technologists corresponding to the 4,5 type.
  • 5.The 1~3 type business sites that operate less than 90 days a year may select environmental technology entities corresponding to the 4,5 type of business sites.
  • 6.[Air Quality Preservation Act] If a person appointed as an atmospheric environment engineer pursuant to Article 40 (1) is qualified as a water quality environmental engineer, he / she can also be a water quality environmental engineer.
  • 7.In case that the environmental engineer is replaced by an environmental engineer in the workplace where the qualified person is more qualified than the environmental industry engineer, and there is unavoidable reason such as the difficulty of finding qualified jobseeker, A person who complies with the qualification of an environmental engineer may be regarded as a qualified person and may file a notification pursuant to Article 59 (1) (2).

Treatwater,wastewater facility construction

Taelim E N T Co., Ltd is responsible for building drainage system construction and licensing, sewage system construction,
water treatly system installation, water supply system installation, etc.
Various construction capabilities are being accumulated through all parts of the water supply and water supply construction work.
Based on the sincere construction work, we will do our best to set a new milestone in the professional construction industry.

Site photos of water supply and sewage construction

Procedure for reporting drainage installation


Taelim E N T Co., Ltd is an example of
He is responsible for licensing based on know-how gained from various water treatment facilities.

Private sewage treatment facilities (reporting items)

Permission to exclude inflow of public sewage

Permission for private sewage treatment facilities (report)
  • Based on the building number of the facility and the data for building use according to the application, the private sewage treatment facility that is optimized through consultation with the builder, the construction company, and the government office is licensed.

    ※ Supporting the licensing of FRP-type processing facilities as well as our engineering system

Permission to exclude inflow of public sewage
  • In the case of construction activities in the sewage treatment area, the sewage and wastewater should be introduced into the city sewer pipe. However, if it is inevitable, the sewage and wastewater discharged from the sewage facilities in accordance with the relevant law Anyone who is not willing to import will be subject to a public sewerage permit exemption.
  • *Exceptional cases

    • 1)There is no city sewage line near the building or it is far away
    • 2)If you do not have a city land nearby and you need to transport it across private land
    • 3)Inevitable cases where a public official is obliged to give permission

Areas in sewage treatment areas

  • 1. Separate sewer line area

  • 2. Joined sewer line area

Area outside the sewage treatment area

  • 1. 2 tons daily occurrence or 1 ton daily flush toilet installed in certain, water-water areas building

  • 2. Daily occurrence less than 2 tons

In areas requiring permission to exclude public sewage inflows, even small-scale treatment facilities require advanced treatment facilities due to stringent water quality standards.