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Water Tank

Water tanks optimized for site characteristics

The water tank has the function of reserving the final effluent in various fields such as the wastewater treatment facility, the reuse (rainwater, wastewater reclamation, water purification), and the waste water discharge system, and the tank optimized for the characteristics of the site in consideration of the required specification, utilization, Is provided.

SMC Water Tank

Tank characteristics

  • SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) is the addition of an incremental chemical material to an unsaturated polyester resin (unsaturated polyester resin) followed by an increase in chemicals, pigments, viscosity, etc.

STS Water Tank

Tank characteristics

  • Stainless water tanks are used for storing drinking water in residential buildings and various facilities, and have strong strength, hygiene and beautiful appearance, making them convenient for construction at various sites.

PES Water Tank

Tank characteristics

  • The PES water tank is a panel formed by hydraulic press by a mold, forming a stainless or zinc steel body with polyurethane foam. Also, by forming a special support (PE) with an injection mold and integrating it into a single panel, it can be constructed at a low cost without reducing heat and rust.
  • The PES panel is a bolted water tank with resilient sealing agent and hydraulic strength and internal and external reinforcement to provide a wide range of comfort, water hardness, chemical resistance and resistance.

PDF Water Tank

Tank characteristics

  • PDF (Polyethylene or Polyethylene Double Frame) Pannel is manufactured with special construction method to form the chemical properties of various PE and PP products.
  • It has excellent durability and PP, and has a longer lifespan than other materials.
  • As a double frame structure, it is easy to build separate structures and is highly safe due to its high compressive strength and flexural strength.

FRP Water Tank

Tank characteristics

  • The FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) water tank is a composite structure made of glass fiber (fiber glass) which is packed with unsaturated polyester resin and is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel.

Other tanks (hot water storage tank, expansion tank, passthru storage tank)

Hot water storage tank

  • The hot water storage tank can also be used to respond to the maximum amount of hot water and for power loss and lower water level.
  • Production types are vertical and horizontal depending on the installation conditions.
  • The materials used are STS 304, STS 316, SS 400, etc.
  • The advanced use of materials and the thickness and weight of the materials send clean and safe hot water to the storage needs.

A sealing expansion tank

  • The expansion tank completely blocks the contact between the piping water and the air in the cooling, heating and hot water pipes, and fills the proper pressure to provide the expansion water. Also, depending on the site situation, installation location and format vary, enabling energy saving and economical design.