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High Water Discharge Device

Unlimited High-level discharge equipment

Well-designed business trip is a key material that determines the processing performance of SBR method applied to the sewage and wastewater treatment facilities. The company currently uses chickenpox controlled, buoyancy control diggers.

Chickenpox Controlled Dicker

Device characteristics

  • The construction cost can be reduced by less chickenpox than the existing gravity method, so it is more economical.
  • The net leader-type chickenpox control device is located at the top of the deketer body, so it has the advantage of even quantitative emission.
  • As there are no restrictions on the shape and specification of structures in the treatment site, they can be used for general purpose.
  • Automatic operation and remote monitoring system are available for easy maintenance.

A buoyant decketer

Device characteristics

  • The inflow and emission rates are buoyant, and the gravitational pull allows the high quality water to be separated efficiently.
  • The exhaust air can only be discharged with the power V operation of the drain unit, and the automatic control gives an advantage on the maintenance side.
  • ※ Field MOP is optional.

Fixed Device

Device characteristics

  • Applicable to a variety of conditions, such as limited structures or long range discharge piping.
  • Low failure rate, excellent durability
  • As the amount of discharge required is constant, the facility load at the rear end facility is reduced.
  • It has the maintenance benefits because it has automatic control.
  • ※ Field MOP is optional.