Taerim ENT

모바일 메뉴

Sewage, Wastewater Treatment System

Taelim ENT Co., Ltd. has been working in the fields of public (wastewater treatment facilities) and personal
(private and wastewater treatment facilities)Based on various water treatment technologies and accumulated engineering,
we provide various systems optimized for the characteristics of the business.

Public Sector

Public sewage, general industrial complex

Private Sector

Public sewage and wastewater treatment facility

TL-SBR SYSTEM(Continuous batch activated sludge process)
  • Based on the SBR method, it is applied to the public and private sectors through the process of linking various technologies with various technologies.
  • TL-SBR-Ⅰ and Ⅱ provide our optimized solutions considering various factors such as facility size and characteristics, discharged water quality standards, and influent components.
TL-SPHM SYSTEM Contact oxidation method, solar contact material
  • It is suitable for small scale treatment facilities (private sewage treatment) such as extreme areas, pension complexes, and the like by incorporating the contact media system utilizing solar energy based on the contact oxidation method. The electric energy produced in the plant can be utilized.
  • Based on the MBR method, a selective bioreactor + membrane module system is constructed to meet the effluent quality standards to produce highly efficient treated water. In addition, it can be used as reuse and wastewater reuse in parallel with the post-treatment facility.
TL-DAF SYSTEM Pressurized flotation method + Ozone oxidation
  • By using pressurized flotation tank and ozone oxidation, it can be used alone in the field of gun handling facilities. It is applied as a downstream facility of a wastewater treatment facility such as a general industrial complex having a large number of degradable COD components.