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Participation R&D Project

Participation R&D Project
Name of R&D Project Research Institute Participating
Variable decanting device and water treatment plant using the same Enterprise Institute Gyeonggido Business
& Science Accelerator
Development of intelligent object internet module to be installed in sewage treatment facility of village unit Enterprise Institute Liyul Co., Ltd 2017.3
Sewage advanced treatment system using solar thermal insulation filter Enterprise Institute Gyeonggido Business
& Science Accelerator
UV sterilizer for water treatment with automatic cleaning and automatic filtration and research and development Enterprise Institute Gyeonggido Business
& Science Accelerator
R&D of high-grade water discharge device capable of controlling the head and speed for quantitative discharge Enterprise Institute Gyeonggi Technopark 2016.3
Research and development of advanced treatment system of continuous batch soil sludge method using sludge buffer Enterprise Institute   2015.12
Automatic ozone nano-micro bubble generating device and advanced treatment device using batch flotation tank Enterprise Institute   2014.09
The advanced treatment system of activated sludge process (T-SBR) Enterprise Institute   2013.02
R&D of nitrogen treatment process Enterprise Institute   2010.10
R&D of efficient nutrient removal equipment of high concentration livestock Enterprise Institute   2010.06
R&D of septic tank odor reduction device Enterprise Institute   2009.10
R&D on continuous batch process Enterprise Institute   2009.5