Taerim ENT

모바일 메뉴


Business Chain by Organization

Detailed work by organization

  • Operational plan and plan establishment
  • Organization, Sales Office Management, Research Planning, Business Division
Local Sales Office
  • Public order planning, public office sales, information management
  • Technical support for engineering companies, construction companies, architects Sales management
Research Institute
  • Planning and implementation of industry-academia-government research projects
  • Technology is the telephone business, marketing strategy establishment, technician, verification plan, new patent
Business department
  • Planning and implementation of departmental work and opinions
  • Supporting project progress management (technology development, sales, etc.)
  • Business operation (construction, construction, design, production, installation, personnel, management, etc.)
  • Departmental Collaboration and Division by Short-term and Mid-term Plan
Technical Sales Department
  • Business Planning
  • business management
  • Company PR, Marketing
  • Business management
  • Technical proposal
  • General affairs, in-house events
  • Purchasing and contract management
  • Finance, Accounting, Management
  • Human resource management
  • Company Certification
Environment Division
  • Technical Consulting
  • Construction
  • design
  • License
  • Outsourcing management
  • R & D support
  • System planning
  • Product planning, production
  • Technical Promotion
Technical Support
  • technical support
  • Water management agency
  • Product delivery, approval
  • Commissioning, A / S
  • Vigilance
Oversea Division
  • Overseas business management
  • Technology Demand Survey and Overseas Technical Sales Planning
  • Overseas Market Marketing
  • Supply and display of environmental equipment
  • Overseas patent application and contract